Website development in Miami FL, from web design to programming.

web development in Miami FL

DimAl web studio has been working in the website development market of Miami FL since 2016. We provide a full range of website development services, starting from the web design and HTML&CSS coding and ending with the programming of functionality of websites of absolutely any complexity.

What kind of website development services do we provide?

Website design development
Cross-browser, adaptive for all types of devices (PCs, smartphones and tablets) HTML&CSS coding of any, even of the most complex website design.
Development and implementation of the software functionality of the website, of any level of complexity.
Filling websites with a content
SEO-promotion of your website and setting up a search advertising with Google Ads.
Technical support of websites on an ongoing basis.

What websites do we offer?

Development of landing pages.

landing pages development

If you are selling only one type of a product or just one service, or if you are gathering visitors for a one-time event, creating a landing page is exactly what you need.

A landing page is a presentation website that has a one, very long page that the visitor can switch between viewing screens. Landing pages usually have 5-7 screens. The design and content of each screen is developed separately and eventually compiled into one presentation site.

The principle of the landing page is very simple: From the first screen, it describes to the visitor your product or service, then talks about the benefits of your offer, offers a discount, with a time limit (often with a countdown so that the buyer is in a hurry to buy at a bargain price) and at the end it offers the buyer all possible means of communication with you (order a call back, text to you on any of the messengers or just call).

Landing is an ideal Internet marketing tool, a kind of automated seller of your product on the Internet, which will tell the buyer about the product, present all its advantages, offer a discount, and eventually push him to buy your product or service.

Business website development.

business website development

Business websites are the most common websites in the business environment. They are suitable for most modern companies, small and medium-sized businesses. In fact, this type of site allows you to implement almost everything that is required for your business development. A business website may include general information about your company, a list of services, a product catalog, price lists, contact information and, of course, means of communication with customers. Such, for example, as: an online consultant, consultations via instant messengers and feedback forms.

Also, any business website that we offer, during our website development, is always equipped with a convenient and understandable admin panel, in which you can easily change, navigate or add information yourself, without involving any third-party specialists.

A business website is the best choice for small and medium businesses.

Development of personal websites.

personal website development

If you are a designer, photographer, artist or a writer, or any other freelancer, then a personal website is exactly what you need. A personal website is a site of personality and personal creativity or personal activity.

Personal websites usually contain information about a person, a personal portfolio, or a catalog of any other work. Also, usually, the personal websites contain information about personal achievements, prizes and awards, often the biography of the owner and contact information. If you are a creator of something on a free bread, or a self-employed, you can order this particular type of a website.

Development of online stores.

online store development

Everybody knows how online stores work and who most often needs them. If you are the owner of a small shop with goods, then expanding the sales of your assortment to the Internet segment will significantly increase your sales. If you are the owner of a large trading network with a multi-million dollar turnover, then by ordering an online store, you will attract your customers not only with the assortment and number of outlets, but also with the convenience for the buyer to buy your goods without leaving home.

When developing online stores, we always include the following functionality:

product catalog with division into categories and subgroups of products
filtering products by any parameters and characteristics
sorting goods by price (from low to high and vice versa)
search system for products by name and description
a basket of goods
we introduce an online payment system using VISA and Mastercard bank cards.

Today, offline trading is gradually becoming a thing of the past. By ordering an online store from us, you are looking into the future.

Why do clients choose us?

The best price of web development

The most affordable prices in Miami FL for the development of websites of any design and functionality.
seo optimization for each website

In all the websites we develop, we initially lay elements of internal SEO optimization, so our websites can be easily and effectively promoted in the future.
professional web designer

All our websites have a unique design developed by a professional web designer, exclusively for each client.
adaptive websites for all devices

All our websites are adaptive for all devices (smartphones, PCs and tablets).
If you want to order a website in our web studio, please contact us in any way convenient for you or fill out the form below. Our consultant will contact you within an hour and give you all the necessary advice and recommendations.

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